Thursday, April 16, 2009

The "Teabagging" was real! But those fools we saw on TV were not the teabaggers. One might consider:

The naive and oft abused (by the GOP power brokers) wingnuts were out in farce yesterday, protesting, well... what exactly?

Did any of them really look to be of the bracket that would see their taxes go up? Only those who make over $250,000.00 per year are gonna see any requirement to pay more. Perhaps the motley crews we saw on the TV do make that kind of money; money doesn't buy taste and there were some pretty tasteless hats, costumes and signs out. But mostly, they seemed to be the FAUX news sniffers and huffers of more modest means.

Why do they let themselves get suckered into spending a day of their lives making an attempt to make a rumpus over something that isn't going on? Dollars to donuts not many of them are gonna see their taxes go up. Why do they let the PR machine of the Powers that brokered this dismal economy sway them into going outside and making fools of themselves over a great big non-event?

They all have representation. If they are not happy with the actions of their Representatives, they can run or run someone against them and change things. It's the way representation works. If you have the hearts and minds of the most people on your side, you get your rep in. If not, you have to just be the 'loyal opposition' for the upcoming term, then take another turn at booting whichever rep you see as a bum. Ain't democracy grand? America! I love it!

But they are taking a page from poorly learned history and trying to don the tri-cornered hats of the patriots who instigated throwing off the yoke of long established British power brokers who did not consider Americans to be full citizens with rights.

Badly learned history indeed. They are clowns preforming FOR the same forces of class warfare that the long ago patriots fought against. They let themselves be victimized by the very thing they are pretending to be struggling (so bravely in their tea-bag bedecked chapeaus) against.

This is not 1773. Obama is not Britain. The taxes are not going up. They all DO have representation. What's the beef?

They are just pissed that the (white) candidate of their choice got his ass handed to him last November. They are making excuses for the social cancer they suffer from, racism. They are not being honest with the rest of us, with the majority of Americans who voted for the horse of a different color AND for change. Worst of all, they are not being honest with themselves.

They are just pissed and too lazy to really do the work of discovering what they are really angry about. They prefer to let the PR minions that is FAUX news and radio HATE do their thinking for them. They abdicated the most precious of 'God's gifts', free will. They gave up most sacred of American rights/responsibilities, making INFORMED decisions. They threw away their right to representation by letting others fool, mislead, and abuse them. So much easier to be a blind follower and pretend you are a brave defender of the American Way. It's pretty much like supporting the troops by slapping a yellow magnet on your car.

And by the way, sporting that magnet is NOT supporting the troops, paying the tax money that buys them equipment to survive IS.

Why the whole marketing exercise to attempt to raise hell about taxes? Because the lucky folks at the very top of the economic ladder, including the bastards with the Tax-Payer paid bonuses, are facing having their taxes rise back to the level they paid before bush & a GOP Congress lowered them prior to starting a very expensive war that their offspring were in no jeopardy of having to spill blood in. From 36% back up to 39% is the reason for the teabag season.

That is all it is. Three percent of tax rate on the very top tier of incomes. That tax break that DID NOT TRICKLE down, did not create jobs, did not ensure the financial security of the working class, the middle class, not even the upper middle class. It was a tax break for the fattest of cats at a time bush lied and his GOP dominated Congress lapped up the dishonest shit like it was mother's milk and gave the OK to go to war.

NOW they wanna grumble about deficits? Where the hell were they when we gave tax cuts to the richest while sending the sons and daughters of the other classes to fight a war for profiteers? Do they never stop and consider all the lives, all the money they seem to hold so dear? Where were they and their bags when that shit was going on? Oh, that's right, it was a president without a D after his name on ballots, and one who was the same color as they are. No harm, no foul if it is a fellow cracker, I guess.

But they were out yesterday, out in farce, after weeks of PR and marketing to them.

Teabagging? Yeah, I am one of the many who did not know that term for a particular adult activity (although I will not claim ignorance of the activity). I admit, I had to look that one up to find out what Rachel and the rest were so damned tickled about.

Teabagging? Yep that is EXACTLY what happened yesterday. Only it wasn't a tax protest. It was the more vile minions and members of the very rich using the naive, confused, intellectually lazy. It was the most undemocratic of the top economic tier dipping and it was the idiots in the silly hats just laying there with their mouths open and the vague notion that somebody was screwing them.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Teabaggers? No, just cranky, they are delusional tools of the Keep the Rich Richer Powers that Lost the Election

We have a SANE, brilliant, determined President who is not wasting time telling people what the weakest among us want to hear. He has been, and will continue to lift all the blankets of diversion off the real problems so we can, as a people, address them and make America strong again.

The delusional do not want us to stop indulging them in their fantasies. They do not want the bar raised. They loved the days when any loser could skate by and pretend he was pResident. Made them feel better about themselves; made them feel that not trying to accomplish anything was great. They don't want real leadership, they want continued enabling by those who use and abuse them. They will throw fits all over the place. But, they are few and we are many.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dems run real candidates. GOP runs puppets

After the speeches last night, it is clear: GOP is about appearances and marketing. They do not get it that Americans know we need real leaders.

Have we had a real president of the GOP persuasion since Nixon? OK, 41 was an attempt and it failed. They tried to slip in one of their real movers & shakers under Reagan's shadow. They backed off fast after THAT debacle.

They have only pretty faces as front men. They do not WANT real leadership because they like the leaders who are really too ideologically ugly to run for office*.

* see cheney, Lay, Forbes, Perle, and, the big bad Wolfowitz...

REAL bosses of the GOP try to figure out what America is 'buying' any given election cycle then they look for some unfortunate schmuck who appears to fill the bill. The one real criteria the GOP power brokers seem to have is this: Must be compliant. Complacent helps. But taking orders is Job 1.

GOP think tank view of selecting 'leaders':

McCain: maybe America will buy a decorated, disabled Vet. Hey, what could be more jingoistic-ly patriotic?

Palin: Hey, Hillary did pretty well in the DEM primaries. Maybe America is in the mood to buy female!

OK, OK... we get it. America wants some color. Mr. Steele, would you step up to the plate as RNC puppet de jour?

Obama makes for brilliant leadership. We need to emulate him = Paging Mr. Jindal. Paging Mr. Jindal.

Pretty puppets, all in a row. That is the GOP and it has its roots in the corporatist running things. They think APPEARANCE is all that matters. Marketability. Same bozos who are running the corporations into the ground, despite the playing field they tilted their own way, are the ones running the GOP. No ideas, lots of schemes.

* Side note: Did you know if you type Wolfowitz and hit spell check, you get "Halfwits" as the first correction suggestion? Sweet!

OK, long time no post

Been waiting and watching. So far, going better than I had hoped. Really. What a pleasure to have a President we can be proud of, look to for reasoned and reasonable leadership, and know full well he DOES care what we think. He understands what real people are up against too. So much better than the posturing from GOP puppets who have never had to make a living.

Yes, now I see that we can.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

About a year ago, Maggie O'Sullivan told me Barak Obama would be the next president.

I scoffed. Her optimism was adorable, but I just didn't think America was enlightened enough to make such a stride, to pick a president based on merit over skin.

Today, I tip my hat to Maggie. Never, never in all my years, have I been so happy to admit I was wrong and the youthfully optimistic Maggie was spot on.

Faith in the better angels? Noted and renewed.

Thanks, Maggie. Thanks, America.

Look At Those Crowds!

America the Beautiful!

Monday, January 19, 2009

MLK Day in a very small northern town

Sitting here alone, feeling a bit blue and heading toward a pity party is just not constructive. There are no speeches here abouts today. No events to commemorate the struggle of so many Americans to attain the prize, the vision, the promise that America was supposed to be.

So much wrong with how things are. So much war, so much pain, so much insecurity for most Americans as our economy falls under the crushing weight of keeping the top 1% in the lifestyle they just can't get enough of. So easy to loose hope for tomorrow.

Tomorrow. Hope. Ah yes, for most of us, tomorrow has a little event that might feed the little candle flicker that is hope. But today...

So Attila flips on KXCI Community Radio, Tucson. Attila is grateful the station does an internet broadcast. She misses her favorite station in her current, remote location. She misses little about city life, but variety of radio and the opportunity to observe community events are sometimes longed for.

MLK Day in a very small northern town is pretty much just another day. About the only difference is county offices and the post office are closed. And too many of the locals will bitch about that, with resentful references to n*g*er day which Attila will never be able to hear without becoming ill and very sad for the pointless hate.

KXCI, the chance to be reminded that what is normal here is not normal everywhere. Special programming today. Lots of good music and lots of good memories about a time when vast numbers of people stopped tolerating the injustice that was institutional in America back when I was young. The Dj even played that lovely old recording of What the World Needs Now that starts with a man asking a youngster what terms like racism, hate, bigotry, prejudice mean. The sweet child keeps answering I don't know, until the man asks what 'prejudice' is. The child answers 'I think it's when somebody's sick'. The music, lyrics go on with bits of the song Abraham, Martin, and John, along with audio snips of famous speeches about our better angles, our purpose as a nation, our hopes, our dreams. There are also snips of the news announcing deaths of John, Martin, Bobby....

Songs of the struggle, of the era I recall as so confusing to a kid. My youthful confusion was that the struggle was needed at all. Why should there be ANY systemic, institutional inequity in my America? Why was it necessary to fight for what we say we already are as a nation, a people? I was so tender and naive. And as I watched the news, I heard such horrible things from my grandfather's lips. It was shocking. And as tender as I was, it enraged me as it enlightened me a little about reality in America.

Mom and Dad did not raise me to accept the crap I was hearing from a grandparent. They did not raise me to support the fire hoses, ax handles, vicious dogs, storm troopers on horseback beating my fellow Americans I was seeing on the TV.

I was a scrawny white kid, living pretty much in poverty, but not feeling shame, not until the news showed me what scrawny black kids were dealing with, what their parents and grandparents were dealing with. I was ashamed of America and that confused me, because I also loved America.

Learned you could love something and see it wasn't as perfect as you thought in your ignorance. Learned you could love and want to make better. Learned there were lots of people who felt the same. Learned some of those people were very brave and had a dignity that could not be beaten out of them by ax handles, batons, hooves of horses, teeth of dogs, and no amount of high pressure water would wash the dignity off of people who would not back down in their quest for justice.

KXCI brought it all back in a flood of memories, both horrible and ugly beyond description. In my island of one here in a rural community that will never really accept me, nor I it, there was reminder that here & now is not all there is. My local reality is not the decider of how the world is. No one's local reality is the whole of the world.

I love the bits of speeches from the day. The flood of memories they bring reminds me of the larger picture, and all the good people I watched, all the good people I was lucky enough to encounter as my path merges with a broader road, better traveled road back then. Such incredible people.

Music, the happy, hopeful spirituals I have always loved, tho I have never been a part of any of the churches. How that singing feeds the soul. It was never about God, or Jesus, or the stories and myths for me. It was always about the hopeful voices, even as they would sing about bad times. Damn, I needed to hear that singing I don't get to hear around here.

There was a time, a place where people didn't accept hate for no reason beyond pigmentation. Change was possible, it happened, and though it still needs effort to complete the change, America is a better place than when I was young and naive.

Crackers abound where I live at present. And the crackers are a bit brittle of late. Tomorrow will be pretty difficult for some of them and as annoying as that is to me, I do feel some sadness for them, for their discomfort, for their narrowness that inhibits what is possible for them.

But tomorrow is hope.

Tomorrow is an amazing new leg of the march toward justice, racial, social, and economic. Those things are all interdependent. Poverty is not shameful to the poor. It is shameful to the society that accepts and institutionalizes it. Injustice is the real enemy of America; it is a hypocrisy we should not allow. It is rot in the very foundation of our beloved country.

Tomorrow, as most of the nation celebrates and hopes, I will step back quietly and let my soul be with ghosts of my childhood. So many did not get to the promised land, but they got us down the road, closer to it. I will step back and let their energies surround me, and hope they see America now. I will ask their blessing on us all.

Thanks, KXCI, for letting me hear those voices again. Thanks for helping my soul find the energies again. Thanks for reaching out and spreading hope to places you don't even know exist. You can never know how much good it does. A ripple in a pond, little waves, radio waves, extending to places unknown, and making subtle changes.

The ghosts, the dignity, the hope, the fight, all go on. America is still a promise and a work in progress. There is hope and from time to time, it is a fine thing to celebrate it all. I pray it reminds me to never be complacent and never sit for the crap that too many still accept as the norm.

That little child in that recording had a point about prejudice. Thanks for reminder..